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How SNCF wants to save the TGV

Auto Date Thursday, July 24th, 2014


give a glorious future TGV1? Monday in the Board of Directors, management of the SNCF2 presented three scenarios over ten years to try to eradicate the declining profitability of the TGV, crumbling to a trickle, reports the business daily Les Echos this Thursday3 . However, the SNCF wishes to clarify that it is not the business model of TGV is in crisis, but that of the entire rail system.

• Reduce activity drastically

The first option would be to focus only on the main stations of the network. SNCF recorded a quarantine. Thus, the 180 combinations origins / destinations that are currently offered in 80 pass within ten years. A decrease of more than half. Missing trains would consequently replaced by regional TER or Interctés. With this first configuration, the SNCF would focus only on its profitable routes. • Develop

massive supply

The second solution is quite the opposite the first: develop the offer, opting for an increase in the use of 400 TGV trains available to the SNCF, which are now used only 5 hours per day on average online payday loans. Ultimately, this goal massive development would compete with air or car. This configuration would include lower prices that could be measured in 10% to 20%. Feature of this scenario should both elected and travelers … while having no economic model. According to Les Echos, the lack of € 400 million per year for the SNCF is in equilibrium. • The saving productivity

The third and last scenario is the most likely , according to Les Echos. It is in line with the strategic plan of the company "Excellence 2020" was chosen in 2012 The manual is very simple:. To meet rising tolls, SNCF must optimize park use oars, making productivity gains and reduce operating costs. To do this, the direction of the station is counting on resetting the production process. This latter configuration includes developing Ouigo the low-cost4 TGV launched last year.

EasyJet is tackling the airlines

Auto Date Sunday, July 13th, 2014


McCall, easyJet's boss, repeat over and over again: the airline has established contracts with 40% of the CAC 40 in France. The symbol of success for a low cost. In France, its second largest market after the United Kingdom, the British company realizes indeed higher margins through its business clients representing 25% of sales against 20% on average in Europe payday advance lenders. "On the Paris-Toulouse liaison, business customers even represent 45% of sales," says Carolyn McCall, easyJet who runs for four years.

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French groups internationalize more

Auto Date Thursday, July 10th, 2014


5 million employees working in 35,400 French foreign subsidiaries in 2011: this is the surprising result of an INSEE survey on the implementation of the French groups abroad in 2011, outside the banking sector. Translation? Companies "hexagonal" internationalized growing their business by developing their exports, but also create subsidiaries outside France. Compete more dynamic emerging countries, the complexity of the laws and the severity of the labor law, the French territory attracts less. Large firms have found traffic: French multinational groups employ 53.5% of their employees beyond our borders and there make more than half their sales. Of these, the 150 largest groups weigh heavily in the balance and are often located in more than 19 countries. Where are our business

? The French

groups settled mostly not very far. Indeed, the European Union is the first settlement area, hosting 41% of employees abroad, 2 million on the Old Continent, a number up 15% compared to 2009. European countries most attractive are the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy. The United States follow Europe in this ranking with 11%, followed by China (8%) and Brazil (7%) faxless pay day loans. It may be noted that the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are increasingly attractive, winning five points from 2009 to 2011, thanks to the industrial sphere. Some sectors

call indeed from internationalization than others. Most affected are industry, trade and market services. Thus, industrial and commercial subsidiaries account for over 60% of employees abroad. In the area of ​​services, hospitality, catering and information and communication are particularly present also at international level. They represent 9% of the workforce outside France.

French companies are very active internationally. The reasons are multiple. Alexander Gazaniol, Doctor of Economics, described in 2012 in "Internationalization, business performance and employment" the motives groups to settle abroad. According to him, "the main motivation for firms that expand abroad is to access new markets." Cost reduction in the fragmentation of the production process should obviously not be forgotten.

The savings remain at a high level in France in 2009

Auto Date Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014


France has one of the highest savings average of Europe, according to a new report on "income and household wealth" INSEE. But the differences are important in terms of income or capacity of households to save … The poorest households and have mostly negative savings rate, which means that their consumption needs exceed their income level. A median of 20% to 20% of the poorest households. Not surprisingly, the wealthiest households save more. The median savings rate of 20% of the richest households reached 33% of income, a difference of 53 points between households in the first and last quintile.

Note that the disparities are much greater in low income groups than among the most favored. Motivations savings may vary greatly depending on where you live, heritage, family household structure, etc.. Despite this high savings, 35% of households that explain current income does not fully cover consumer spending totally free credit score. In contrast, a quarter of households have saved more than a third of their annual income in 2009

. The young and older save less

The savings rate less than 30 years, such as older people, is just positive (just 3%) while the 30-59 range between 14 and 19%. These differences are not surprising since the young and the elderly are generally more modest. Similarly, owners, class population often easier, saving more than renters. As for the lower classes, the savings behavior of tenants is very volatile. Finally, families with two children or more save significantly less than families with one or no children.

Household savings increases with wealth. This can be explained only because households with high assets are also those with the highest incomes. There is no direct link between savings and wealth. A steady income, households with modest estates save slightly more than those whose heritage is high.

Growth is "too flat" for unemployment to decline

Auto Date Friday, June 27th, 2014


sad record of 3,364,000 unemployed reached the end of April, Pole employment1 reveals today 18 hours the number of unemployed registered on its lists in May. Last month, the government suffered another blow after the debacle of municipal and European elections, with the announcement of an increase of 14,800 applicants employment2 in category A (no activity) in France. The figures had been worse when the unemployed included exerting a small business (36,400), while they were 4,985,900 unemployed in late April, the never-seen. Growth


While figures are not yet known, INSEE already 3TABLE on a continued rise in unemployment from 0.1 % in the second quarter, a trend that seems to have observed Michel Sapin4 this morning. Guest on RTL, the finance minister said in effect that growth in the first quarter, which remained zero, was "too plate5" to "evolve unemployment in the right direction." Labour Minister François Rebsamen6 was, meanwhile, more optimistic earlier this week. He had indeed said Tuesday on Radio Classique / LCI that his goal was always "the stabilisation7" unemployment before adding: "There was a 9.7% unemployment rate in late 2013 This year we will try. stand on this basis below 10% unemployment. "

François Rebsamen said that if stabilization is realized, we will have next year an effect that will be felt and a reduction in unemployment. " No question as to talk of reversing the trend in unemployment as did his predecessor Michel Sapin.  Cap

on the employment of older

After concentrating its efforts on youth employment, the government is now seeking the seniors8. François Rebsamen has proposed Monday to extend the premium generation contract to hire a senior and double, bringing it to 4,000 euros a year. Long sidelined, seniors (55-64) have an employment rate certainly increase, which amounted to 45.9% in France, against more than 50% in the European Union9 . And they have been hit hard by the crisis as the number of unemployed over 50 years registered at employment center in category A has not been a single month drop since the second quarter of 2008. Pending finalization of the "senior level" should be done at the Social Conference on 7 and 8 July, the already limited budget announces improvements to existing rather than the introduction of new measures devices.

…… Pending the publication of the figures, a few reminders: the last drop of unemployment was in October 2013 and since the election of François Hollande10 in May 2012, about 440,000 additional job seekers pushed the doors of employment center. Caution is therefore required the government. François Rebsamen has also said this morning that iTV will not comment on the monthly unemployment figures, unlike his predecessor. "These monthly figures, when taken month by month, they do not mean much, they must be studied over a long period, what INSEE also this week," is it defended.

Thrush bring in close to 600,000 euros PCF

Auto Date Friday, May 2nd, 2014


Traditionally, the feast of work1, it is the union march in memory of May 1, 1886 in Chicago, a protest movement for the 8 hour day fatally crushed by the forces of order. But it is also an opportunity to share a bit of thrush which replaced over time wild rose in his buttonhole and red triangle symbolized the division of the day into three parts: work, sleep, play. Thrush is also the only flower that can be sold by individuals – not only by florists – that day. A boon seized by the French Communist Party in the heart of union parades. "It's been 50 years since I sell thrush May 1, says Chantal activist d'Epinay-sur-Seine, until the departure of the procession in Paris union car warranty. This year with the rain, it is not as well, there are a thousand euros pocket "

Each role. CGT sells drinks , sandwiches and sausages for the protesters; the PCF, the stems of lily. "The sale of thrush traditionally regard the party," we recognize the central headquarters in Montreuil. "For unionists, the sale of thrush is more symbolic than a funding process. Rare are those who sell that day, "nuance Bernard Vivier, director of the Higher Labour Institute. Indeed revenues remain marginal compared to funds raised through vocational training or membership fees. "Historically, trade sales thrush mainly concerned the militants of the CGT. Gossips even said that thrush was a way to launder money from Moscow, "says another trade unionist. For the PCF

always encourages its activists to sell the white bells, the product however is far from marginal. "This represents an important source of income, says Jean-Louis Moing, the National Treasurer extended service warranties. Although not being consolidated in the accounts, it is estimated that 500,000 to 600,000 euros reported net per year. " The money stays locally. At Malakoff, south of Paris, thrush reported 2500 euros in 2013, enough to finance a portion of the rent of the section. For his part, Jean-Louis Le Moing collected 3,000 euros for the Loir-et-Cher. "In addition to the financial aspect is contact with our constituents is an important part of the permanent subscription party," he says.

50000000000: Montebourg request counterparties in Brussels and the ECB

Auto Date Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

The EU1 must change monetary policy to support countries which, like France, have undertaken an effort to restore their public accounts, said the Minister of Economy and Recovery Arnaud Montebourg productive. In an interview published Thursday in Les Echos, he calls on the European Central Bank (ECB) to act to bring down the euro and said that France wants a "fast" meeting with its European partners to discuss the issue of "the euro too expensive. " "We take our responsibilities regarding the public deficit. We are launching reforms. But in exchange, we have things to ask in Brussels. We hope in the interest of Europe and France counterparties to lower deficits, "said Arnaud Montebourg il.Pour requires that" Europe is changing course as the monetary policy in terms the stimulus investments. "" We must assist national infantry who make the effort to restore their national public accounts by air support from the European Central Bank, "he said, stressing that the deficit target reduced to 3% of GDP by 2015 public is "a commitment to France fast payday loan no faxing." To accompany, we must "drop the euro, hire a new monetary policy, and not restrictive but on the model of the Fed American ", claiming the minister.Draghi must "take action" While welcoming remarks made last weekend by ECB President Mario Draghi on the risks posed by the appreciation of the European currency, he thought it "must take action "to lower it. "We expect a decision in early May at the next ECB meeting. Unconventional policy is the solution to our problems," continues il.Si the ECB is independent, Arnaud Montebourg believes that exchange rate policy under the European Council . "The euro is too much a political issue. Way, we want a quick meeting of our European partners to discuss the subject."

Amazon will pay its disgruntled employees to resign

Auto Date Saturday, April 12th, 2014

 The Amazon

disgruntled employees will soon resign pocketing a check. In a letter to his shareholders1 detailing the actions of the company in the coming months, Amazon's president announced the implementation of "Pay to leave" ("paid for from") program. "An employee who remains in a business where he does not feel well, it is not good for him, or to society," argues Jeff Bezos.

In practice, Amazon offer once a year to its employees to leave the company against a check. The amount will be $ 2,000 the first time (1450 euros), and will rise by $ 1,000 each year to a maximum of $ 5,000 (3,600 euros). "This offer will be named 'Please refuse. We hope that our employees stay with us. So why they make such a proposal? The idea is to force employees to take time to think about what they really want, "says Jeff Bezos.

The idea of ​​"Pay to leave" from the company Zappos, specializing in online sales of clothing. In the latter, all new recruits through four weeks of intensive training to imbibe the culture of the company. At the end of this month, the new employee is offered to stay or leave immediately Zappos. In the latter case, he receives a bonus of $ 3,000 2 (2,200 euros) in addition to his pay. The company hopes to "get rid" of recruits insufficiently motivated by their new job without going through a redundancy procedure. In the end, only 2-3% of employees accept the offer, according to an article dating from 2008

Bloomberg.3 working conditions

According criticized the American press, "Pay to leave" would go only as Amazon employees in its huge logistics centers, which are packaged and shipped customer orders credit score. These huge warehouses are under fire from critics for several months because of working conditions deemed difficult and pernicious. "Productivity is an obsession, which appears in all conversations. As 'picker', we need to gather more than one hundred articles per hour, pacing rays on a combined 15 to 25 kilometers in our speed and in the dispersion of the articles "distance, showed a temporary old- Amazon platform Montelimar in an article in Libération who caused a stir at the end of dernière4 year. "Going to the toilet which are at the end of the warehouse is your tumble" prod ". Pushing his colleague to enter in the first carriage drove up. Ideally (and this is also the norm) is to arrive early in the morning to prepare and scan carriage and save precious minutes that will possibly be the difference. "……. The logistics centers

. Amazon Germany are also regularly shaken by strikes staff. Local unions are demanding higher wages, so that they are aligned with the salary of the retail sector, not the logistics. The "Pay to leave" operation could be an opportunity for Amazon to go cheap these employees protest. It is not known whether the program will be imported in Europe, and under what conditions. It also does not concern the interim, in which Amazon is heavily used during the rush of the holiday season.

Norway wants to "green" its black gold in the solar and wind

Auto Date Saturday, April 5th, 2014


The last merger in the European concrete leaves no doubt indifferent rich Norway1. The land of fjords decided to "greening" the economy by directing 623.5 billion euros of its sovereign wealth fund to active environmentally conscious.

Managed by the central bank, the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund is the largest in the world. He keeps his wealth of its sub-logged soils gas and oil. For several weeks, the question of the orientation of its investments waving politicians in Oslo. There were many who ogled this important wool socks. NGOs, very powerful in the country, have won the bet.

On the occasion of the publication of the annual White Paper on the future of sovereign wealth fund, the Minister of Finance announced the doubling of investment in assets beneficial to the environment easy to get unsecured personal loans. An idea that he might have blown his sister, Nina Jensen, who is none other than the President of the Norwegian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The gesture is more of a good conscience.

The maximum planned investment is expected to reach 50 billion kroner (€ 6 billion). A paltry sum considered by WWF campaigning for 5% of the fund's value – 31 billion euros – go in renewable energy, including wind and solar. Even though the fund invests heavily in large oil companies as Total2 or Exxon3. An expert committee, formalized Friday must floor on a possible withdrawal of fossil fuels. An early green revolution in the land of black gold


Asphyxiated by toxic loans, hospitals claim financial assistance from the State

Auto Date Monday, March 31st, 2014


1.5 billion euros of toxic loans, or a quarter of their total debt, public1 hospitals today asking the government to reduce their bill. If the situation is left as it is, prevents Hospital Federation of France (FHF), these debts with exorbitant interest rates not stop eating more and more resources to the detriment of patient care. The President of the FHF, Frédéric Valletoux, will meet in the coming days, the budget minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, to discuss the issue. He claims to health facilities access to funds to assist local governments weighed down by toxic loans. This device is echoed to 100 million per year by the State, communities and banks. Problem should double the bet to absorb the needs of hospitals, however, recognize the FHF. However, time is not the reckless spending

. Hospitals are heavily indebted in the 2000s to modernize the institutions needed. To do this, the authorities have an incentive to borrow. Thus, "the hospital 2007 plan encouraged managers to seek the best solutions in terms of immediate returns, with financial institutions that boasted with aplomb the safety of their products," admitted Frederic Boiron, president of the Association of hospital managers at a hearing in the Assembly in 2011. At the time, guardianships hospitals did not raise a finger and let them do. Alas, interest rates soared during the crisis. Result

? "Small schools as specialized hospital Sevrey (Saône-et-Loire), or larger such as Ajaccio hospital are plunged into serious difficulties as a result of the purchase of structured bonds" described in the December 2011 parliamentary report on the issue of MPs Claude Bartolone (PS) and Jean-Pierre Gorges (UMP). Some institutions, such as Le Havre, Roanne, Toulon or Briancon, will afterwards complaint against the banks. Right

exorbitant exit

Some hospitals succeed, in recent years, to get rid of toxic loans as their advise the General Inspectorate of Finance. But they pay a high price for their release by paying a penalty of 85% of the average amount of debt, even though the current period is characterized by very low rates! The bank has proposed structured credit hospitals must itself pay these products initially acquired from international financial institutions including Anglo-Saxon.

Aware of this situation, "hospitals do not ask to erase all loans – that would be too expensive – but to clip the interest rate excessive as has been done for the community, do you plead to the FHF. Some hospitals are in debt up to thirty years, and no one knows how far this term can climb interests "Alas, the first creditor is Dexia2 hospitals – other banks are, in order, BPCE, Credit Agricole and Societe Generale. The Franco-Belgian bank that went bankrupt, it is the state, including managing the assets remaining via a defeasance structure. Concessions allows hospitals to limit the damage in this case. The Department of Budget provides' watch the situation closely "and seeks" adequate and appropriate solutions. "