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Decline in consumption in supermarkets

Auto Date Saturday, October 18th, 2014

 The sun

well have found the way to France in September, signs of supermarkets tricolor suffered particularly bad weather this summer, the morale of households and context déflationniste1 in which they live for several months.

"We very rarely the weather as an explanation for our performance, good or bad, but this time it's different", supports Pierre-Jean Sivignon CFO Carrefour. The leading French supermarkets yesterday reported a decline in sales of 0.7% in its hypermarkets and supermarkets 1.2% in the third quarter. These figures are reassuring in a "darkening macroeconomic environment," Judge distributor, but they reflect a real setback compared to the growth in the first half.

Beyond the weather, consumption seems to have slipped since September. "It's absolutely not a problem achat2 power, but a total lack of consumer confidence in the future," analyzes a consultant working for a major retailer. However, traffic is up overall at most retailers. Despite this, sales slips, hit by sharp falls in prices to keep customers engaged.

This halt was also confirmed Tuesday by Casino. Hypermarkets group saw their sales fall by 3.9% between July and September. Just like Carrefour which carries 8% of sales of its hypermarkets with fruits and vegetables, the group suffered from falling prices in this segment because of too abundant harvests. The strong presence of signs distributor in tourist areas has increased the downward trend. The proximity progresses

Fresh food aside, the food remains more or less. In contrast, non-food lines – on which budget decisions are easier – are particularly affected. At Carrefour, barbecues, clothing and other camping items have suffered greatly no fax payday loans. The phenomenon is also not unique to supermarkets, specialty stores are also affected by this pessimism. "People do not want to eat," says Jean-Claude Bourrelier boss Bricorama which was a difficult month of July, although August was better.

In this context, the only formats that have resisted are convenience stores and supermarkets (+4.3% for Carrefour Market and City for example) . A typical consumer behavior in gloomy weather period. Consumers are also postponing their purchases to products at better prices (organic products terroir3 …). Signs

however enjoyed a warmer month of September, as in Casino or U, where sales rebounded 2.9% after system falls over 3% in July and August. This improvement could be short-lived. Apart Casino, all signs complain of early October very depressed. At U, the activity is distributed down this month (- 0.6%) penalized among other expenses fall.

"We remain in a complex environment with a sluggish consumption," says Thierry Desouches system in U. A valid observation that Michael Edward Leclerc4, the boss the eponymous brand, which nevertheless claims the status of teaching cheaper. Given this situation, the distributors continue to play the card best price to attract shoppers. Carrefour has just enter 200 cleaning products and consumer electronics 200 in its list of "lowest price". But

all believe that this battle on the labels will not be enough to reverse the long term. Expected on October 23 by Emmanuel Macron 5to to explain the price war, signs of trade and distribution (FCD) have explained to him that the revival of consumption is not their responsibility. They feel it is the Minister of finding solutions to cheer the French.

Findus grows by multiplying innovations

Auto Date Thursday, October 16th, 2014


A year and a half after the scandal lasagna horse, Findus France, 1 leading frozen in supermarkets, returned to growth in sales. Matthew Lambeaux, its CEO and President of Southern Europe, on Tuesday announced a turnover of € 161 million (for the period from January to September), up 6.7%. For the record, in 2013, sales were virtually flat, a feat in the context of the time.

Over the year, the French branch of the Swedish group expects a similar growth rate as in the first nine months of the year, almost 7%. October starts "very strong," says Matthew scraps. In a context of declining purchasing power, the company is gaining market share (on dishes, casseroles and fish for two people), with the exception of fried. Its growth

, she must first continuous innovation. Next year, it plans 50 new, a catalog of 150 products each year. She was on a trend of 30 to 40 launches per year over the past decade. For example, its creamed spinach, launched in 2013, "cartonnent", like "speed pocket" (snacks launched in 2012). New range of

cooked in Boulogne-sur-Mer fish

"Through our innovation model, Findus has doubled in size between 2006 and 2013 We helped to take the shock of 2013 and restart immediately. We are increasing by 25% the number of our innovations in 2015 "says Matthew scraps. He promises the arrival of Findus on a new segment of cooked products. He also announced a new range of dishes, fish in April 2015, made in Boulogne-sur-Mer, where 70% of the profits made by the company over the fish. A third of the range must be renewed in 2015. In September, Findus was illustrated by launching a new range of oven chips. Beyond

its development model, Findus also benefits from an unprecedented decline in private label (the home of the retail brands) in sales Frozen fish: their market share declined by 7.6% since the beginning of the year to 51.3%. In this segment (nature, breaded and cooked), Findus sees his parallel increase of 2.3% to 30.2% market share. "In a difficult economic climate, where we try to explain the consumer research that price, it's not true. It looks first quality, "insists Matthew scraps. Rising

fish prices and environmental awareness

These results mask one of the major challenges Findus, like its competitors, is facing: rising fish prices, due to a scarcity of resources but also the rising dollar. In one year, the price of wild salmon has increased by 25%, that of cod (Atlantic) 35%, and pollock (Alaska) 15%. To cope, Matthew scraps plans to increase its rates to its customers, about 10%.

Finally, for the sake of transparency, with the ambition to become an example in environmental awareness, Findus launched a program to share with the public and other professionals with the information on fisheries with which it works. His approach, called "Respect marine resources", created between 2002 and 2007, must be approved by Bureau Veritas next year. The goal: identify levers for improving practices on some sites to protect marine resources.

Bercy took over the financial rescue Latécoère

Auto Date Wednesday, October 15th, 2014


The countdown is committed to Latécoère1. Monday, October 20, management, Laurent Guernevé, the proxy solicited by the aerospace supplier to assist and meet its creditors under the Interministerial Committee for Industrial Restructuring (Ciri). Asphyxiated by a debt that has dragged on for years like a bullet, the specialist aerostructures (fuselage components) aircraft can no longer meet its financial commitments.

The end of June 2014, Latécoère debt was € 319.6 million, nearly 2.5 times equity (131, 93 million euros). It is divided between 231.2 million of long-term borrowings 110.5 million short-term debt and 22 million euros in cash.

Interest expense debt strike the profitability of the company. Debt hinders its ability to invest when its major customers – Airbus and Boeing2 primarily – ask him to finance increases in cadence important. Finally, this immobilizes heavy debt while the European aerostructures market has entered a consolidation phase. Airbus Group decided last week to combine two of its subsidiaries – Aérolia and Sogerma – to give birth to a leading player of EUR 1.65 billion in revenue, with 6,100 employees. No

negative reaction from customers

Latécoère renegotiates the third time with its creditors can expect to get, as in the last round in 2010-2011 a rescheduling of its debt. The environment today is very different. And its creditors have changed. Several funds including the American Apollo and the British Monarch bought the claims of several banks. "Together, they hold about a third of the debt Latécoère" says does one good source. "There have been contacts between their representatives and the management and the supervisory board. Everything happens in a very good climate, "it adds. "There is no opposition or hostility between funds and management. Especially since the negotiations have not started yet, "said Will it on very good authority.

No negative reaction either side clients who are "attentive" but did not intend to intervene in the capital of their supplier no fax payday loans. "Regarding Latécoère, what is important is to maintain its remarkable industrial and technological capabilities," warned Yves Galland, CEO of Boeing France. The American giant chose Latécoère as sole supplier of the 787 Dreamliner passenger doors. "The concern for Airbus is to secure supplies," adds the European manufacturer.

"The company needs three things: a stable shareholder and transformation of its debt capital and an injection of new money." … A record player …..

As for the government, the presence of Apollo, natural leader Latécoère record, raises no outcry. American Funds, which manages $ 175 billion in assets worldwide, is well known services Bercy and BPIFrance with whom he worked on turning Constellium (formerly Pechiney), gaining experience in the aerospace and building links with Airbus3 particular. "Apollo has a real expertise in the industry. He always acts in the long term and not so hostile. It can bring a lot to Latécoère, "said one player folder. The fund would work again with BPIFrance. Latécoère

which has a backlog of four years of activity can not continue like this. "Society needs three things: a stable shareholder and transformation of its debt into equity and injecting fresh money." It remains to agree on the price of different operations.

It will submit – once an agreement reached between all creditors – the vote of shareholders at a general meeting. But the capital is dispersed Latécoère 7.7% are in the hands of employees and 92% are floating. The identified shareholders as Financial Exchequer or Salvetat funds account for only 20-25% of the capital. The approval of two thirds of the shareholders is required. We must therefore "treated properly" in the words of a close case.

Thomas Day: "M6 fights for Paris First vive"

Auto Date Monday, October 13th, 2014


After a lull, hearings M6 recovered strongly in September. The chain took a risk on "Rising Star1" that does not prove yet paid. M6 Group wants to invest more in production.

LE FIGARO. – Hearing M6 had a slump. How to turn the tables, while nothing seems to work? Thomas

VALENTIN. – There was a little turbulence. But now M6 gets altitude. We managed our return. M6 is a good momentum. Television, these are appointments and novelties. There has always been news on M6. Today, the watchword is to renew the major brands and find new territories. We have launched a program that made sewing a record audience. We launched "The Queens of shopping" with Cristina Cordula2. Last year, there were a lot of new programming in prime time, but only one went extremely well, "The Queens of shopping." M6 is often copied, imitated and we are trying to invent new things. One of the great pleasures of this job is to discover talents like Cristina Cordula or Stéphane Plaza who had never done television before and now adored by the public. You

misiez lot about "Rising Star", the hearings are not at the rendezvous. Are you disappointed?

We are glad we took a risk with a completely new program, fully connected and renews the genre. People were curious to see it. We already have a great success with 2 to 3 million digital votes. With "Rising Star", we gain expertise in digital and connected TV. It is a success on youth, but we still need to expand the public. Innovation is also patience. The show is set, we improved it to find the right rhythm. We will not reduce the number of prime time. After the selections, there will be duels. The singers will play against each other. The first candidate who will get a number of votes. The second candidate will most votes to be selected. Duels will renew mechanics "Rising Star". D8

not hide his ambition to one day compete with M6. What do you tell him? D8

belongs to the first generation DTT channels and fights against TMC and W9. This is a serious competitor even if W9 is this year the first channel in prime time. Cyril is a talented animator Hanouna but when he was on vacation in August, the chain has lost a third of its commercial audience. It is therefore very dependent.

The gap is closing between it and those established channels of TNT?

In all major European markets, there is great historical chains and behind there is a fragmentation of the audience between small chains. In France, we are an exception with twenty-five free channels, even more than anywhere else in the United States where there are only ten great free channels. In our country, there will always be leaders and other channels.

Will you succeed in saving Paris Premiere or will you shut up?

We are in negotiations with cable operators, satellite and ADSL. This is a difficult negotiation. We draw conclusions from these negotiations at the end of October. We fight for Paris Premiere live! We ensure that the chain created there twenty-eight years, a chain of quality and popular with the public, Bright and lively good because it brings something. It is unfortunate that the historical cable and satellite were unable to get a shot in, all to protect the free channels TNT that does not have the same quality requirement.

With the arrival of Netflix, it will be more expensive to buy good programs. Your agreement with Disney allows it to secure premium programs?

Contrary to what some say, linear TV continues to have a great future. People spend more time on those channels that are five or ten years. M6 also features a free offer delinearised the Play 6 platform that works very well with more than 70 million programs viewed each month. A historic

chain must create the event. It does so with sporting events. Thus, M6 will broadcast with TF1, the Euro 2016 football France. A large chain must be singled through productions, innovations and unique brands. Disney and Pixar are brands that meet this criterion.

Now it must be powerful enough to acquire the best programs. And to be powerful, you must have several free channels. We have three M6, W9 and 6b. In addition, one must be able to diversify its revenue that M6 has always twenty-eight years. Nearly half of our revenue does not come from advertising. Finally, we must develop in digital and we have digital channels including Golden Mustache 3out YouTube. Orange

TF1 and Canal + are discussing a Netflix in French. M6 will he join?

The best way to resist Netflix is ​​to allow French players play on an equal footing with foreign groups. In 2014, it still forbids French channels playing movies Theaters Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 20 pm 30 while for Netflix this prohibition does not exist! This must change. M6 Group has been very innovative there seven years creating its digital platform that is very popular with 70 million programs viewed each month. We will continue to take initiatives in this area. We are open to all developments, provided that it is innovative. M6

produces a big budget film, Asterix. The future of the chains is it to invest in production?

In our world, there is only one thing that does not change, it is the demand for quality programs and this demand is increasing year by year. We must be able to bring talent to produce unique works. There are four years, we have acquired the rights to Asterix to an animated film produced in France 3D4. We have already sold in 35 countries. The film brings together a large number of French actors Alain Chabat, Lorànt Deutsch, Laurent Lafitte, Florence Foresti Semoun or Elijah. The production of this film employed 250 people for two and a half years. The world's best talents in animation are French because we have a device with special training schools like the goblins. Americans know it. They just take our talents to the output of these schools. M6 has allowed these French talent to be employed in France.

Do you plead for integration between producers and broadcasters? Face

fragmentation chains and consumption patterns, if broadcasters do not integrate with production, as do all the other European countries and Americans for fifteen years, we can not resist. It is imperative to do away with a system in which the chains are funding the majority of the cost of a work and does not own or co-owners.

The Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin, she is attentive to this request? She wants

defend the French cultural exception and this requires strong and powerful media groups. We must gather our strengths rather than disperse them. Today, the result of the separation between independent producers and channels is absurd: it is the major foreign production groups, Shine, BBC, ITV, which is required in France and French or buying up independent producers.

EuropaCorp risk a fine of 300,000 euros

Auto Date Sunday, October 12th, 2014

The Financial Markets Authority (AMF), the stock market watchdog, has requested € 300,000 fine against EuropaCorp, the company's producer Luc Besson, reveals The Parisen-Today in France. The organization is accused of having given investors accounting information "inaccurate" in 2009 and 2010, including The survey covers a press release dated April 15, 2010, in which EuropaCorp said it had a "opérationnelleparticulièrement small margin," while officials of the company have at the time of elements that allow them to anticipate a net loss pay day loans. The AMF believes EuropaCorp has failed in its duty to inform the public in a "precise, accurate and honest" .L'AMF also requested a fine of EUR 100 000 against each of the two statutory accounts EuropaCorp who were at the time Ernst and Young and Ledouble.

Energy Transition: the solar industry rallies

Auto Date Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

 The die

solaire1 fully intends to participate actively in the parliamentary debate on the énergétique2 transition. While the discussion on the bill orientation agrees next week in Parliament, the G12 up to the plate. This group born before summer brings together 12 leaders of innovative industrial SME sector photovoltaïque3 He knows that the period is crucial because even if governments have expressed their commitment to renewable energy development, "there is always the risk that amendments come undo a number of provisions of the law and we believe that some practical details would strengthen its implementation, "said Daniel Bour4, one of the members of the G12. Moreover, he notes that the figures are still totally overwhelmed given regularly and recalls that the figures from the last tender, namely € 90/110 per MWh for ground stations and € 140/160 per MWh for the roofs are increasingly competitive. Twelve concrete steps

That is why the group made 12 specific measures "to ensure the success of the law on the energy transition." The first part of this work focuses on the multi-annual Programming Energy (PPE). The G12 wants and the law specifies that the multi-year target every five years is available in annual goal for each sector with an obligation of means to achieve particular through tenders. No way that is as photovoltaics or "drowned" in the middle of other renewable sectors. Still

from the perspective of lay out the guidelines, Daniel Bour remember how essential it is that the law gives a consistency requirement between the volumes of calls tender and the annual objectives of PEP overnight pay day loans. "Too often in the recent past, we have seen governments insist on a very proactive policy, only tenders were so limited that the inability to reach the installed power required was total." ….. New Fashion … taxation

In addition to the goals, the G12 aims through its range of measures to simplify the procedures and support the competitiveness of the sector. "We advocate especially for the establishment of a Project Certificate issued by the prefecture and comprehensively summarizes the various documents required in connection with the structuring of a record, says Daniel Bour, it allows industry players strengthening the legal framework and not have to multiply the proceedings. "In the same vein, the G12 recommended that the period of validity of a building permit to implement a solar system to be extended to five years, as is already the case for wind power. "

Increased competitiveness is also among the concerns of the G12, which still requires a new mode of taxation seated either on installed capacity but energy actually produced. "This system would be much fairer for solar systems often produce less than other renewable energy installed power equivalent."

Objectives, procedures, taxation … A few days before the debate on the energy bill in Parliament, the G12 is on all fronts.

Bernard Tapie is selling his yacht to pay off its debts

Auto Date Saturday, September 27th, 2014

 This floating palace

76 meters with pool, spa, cinema and tropical garden had been bought in 2010 by the businessman, thanks to check for € 210 million that he had paid the following arbitration of the Adidas case state. He thus became the biggest French yacht, and replaced the Phocéa that Tapie had lost during his legal troubles. A gift "bling-bling" taste of victory, called Reborn, rebirth. Sold today for € 44 million to qualified by the daily "sour" buyer. The businessman had also put up for sale his private jet bought 16 million euros. A floating

76 meters with pool, spa, cinema and tropical garden

According to Liberation palace, Tapie has contracted two loans for buying back 80% of the Provence in 2013 1: a 26.5 million pledged on his villa in Saint Tropez Madala, and the second of 12 million euros, for which he had to mortgage his Parisian mansion in the Rue des Saints-Peres. On 24 July 2013, La Provence passed under the leadership of businessman who rose to 100% of capital. But

following his indictment for "organized fraud" in the case of the controversial arbitration, the judges made the seizure of his property. He then found the paillle to repay borrowings of Provence. A buyer


To prevent the bank seizes villa and his mansion, Tapie has had to sell the yacht. A broker finds a buyer for 44 million euros, via an implanted in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands company, says Liberation free 3-in-1 credit report. But informed UBS Monaco, the bank that provided two loans Tapie prevents anti-laundering Monaco cell, which traces the information to the judges in charge of the investigation into arbitration. After investigation, they discover that the buyer is in fact the very sour Gabriele Volpi, an Italian businessman who made his fortune in oil in Nigeria. But money does not smell: seeing that the sale allows Tapie replenish its debts, the bank accepts the transaction. "The boat is sold and UBS has received the money," confirms Tapie Libération

Profits from the sale of Reborn will be paid directly to the accounts Provence guarantees Tapie's lawyer in a letter to the judge. The newspaper in dire need indeed. Despite the investment of 31 million euro from the new head of press, the group barely out of the red. Last year, the newspaper has lost 2 million plus 4,000,000 compensation for the 41 departures journalists taking "assignment clause", for a turnover of 80 million, down 5%.

The businessman is not immune from legal troubles. On September 11, a summary report of the financial brigade reached the conclusion that he had not been injured in the Adidas case. The annulment of the extremely controversial arbitration will be held on November 24. If he loses, Tapie may have to repay the money he had received from the state. VIDEO

– The yacht Reborn Bernard Tapie.

Air France: the social movement's longest since 1998

Auto Date Monday, September 22nd, 2014

 ● Conflict

hard in October 1993

On 15 September 1993, Air France has submitted a reorganization plan providing for the abolition 4,000 jobs and 5.1 billion francs of savings. It also provided for a reduction in wages. Employees of the company then began a bitter strike in October. On the sixth day of the movement, on 18, they even invaded the slopes. The never-seen. The CEO of Air France, Bernard Attali, is forced to resign and the plane removed. ●

Ten-day strike in June 1998

This is for time the social movement of Air France's longest drivers. In 1998, they went on strike between June 1 and June 10, the opening day of the World Cup in France. They opposed the proposed reduction of 500 million francs in annual payroll pilot through exchange salary against shares. Closely followed the movement, resulting in the cancellation of three-quarters of flights. ● Four

in September 2002 In September 2002, six unions called strike to demand an increase in overall wages by 10%, while the company was preparing its complete privatization cash advance to savings account. Between 6 and 9 September, more than half the flights were canceled. ● Four

November 2008

drivers stopped work between 14 and November 17, 2008, to protest against the proposed postponement of the maximum age of retirement of pilots from 60 to 65. They get partially successful and still be able to stop working at 60. Only those who wish to pursue their careers between ages 60 and 65. ●

Four in February 2012

Bill Diard which provided for expand the airline is required to declare strike 48 hours in advance is causing the social movement between 6 and 9 February 2012

. . text will be voted on, but the pilots and the management of Air France will sign an agreement guaranteeing that if the strike, the management may not reassign at will the drivers leave.

Blamed for the breeding conditions of the chickens U system

Auto Date Friday, September 19th, 2014


Monoprix in 2013, Systeme U Will he have to give up and stop marketing of battery cage eggs? The distribution group Serge Papin is under fire from critics after the release of a video by the defense association L214 animals, filming from inside a laying hen farm expected to provide the distributor. The pictures depict chickens enclosed in very small spaces, sometimes alongside the bodies.

L214's goal is to direct the supermarket group to no longer provide for his private label, from producers practicing this method of farming in favor of organic farming or outdoors. Last year, the association had already shown. She targeted the Monoprix organizing numerous demonstrations outside its stores. Faced with increasing pressure, Monoprix had then pledged to stop marketing its own brand 1of eggs from battery farms. This success encourages them to persevere: "We met the management system U refused to make commitments. We will not hesitate to show the same intensity as for Monoprix. A petition has also been launched, "said the spokesman of the Association L214 Sebastian Arsac.

"We will not hesitate to show the same intensity as Monoprix"

Sebastian Arsac, spokesman L214

The outdoor rearing is however more expensive since it requires more space for animals and additional investments. An argument on which the company relies to oppose an outright refusal: "We can not unilaterally stop using that method, it would be irresponsible. Both for the consumer, who could not bear the price increase that would generate, but also for producers. Such a change should be made gradually, and never abruptly as required by that association. "

Beyond the potential impact of images, L214 puts most blame providers U system does not comply with the new regulations européenne2, in force since 2012 in particular because the wire floor cages, the European Directive prohibits, and no litter for pecking and scratching . "We also believe that the density of hens is much too large and exceeds the permitted level, though we have been virtually impossible to measure," says Sébastien Arsac. The distribuetur waiting for his evidence that these providers are affiliated to him and ensures that he would break any remnants relationship with the supplier.

The question is whether the System group U if no offense is finally found, not guilty of anything illegal, will remain on this strong position. Survey3 a controlled and directed by Opinionway L214, reveals that 84% of French would support that supermarkets stop selling eggs from battery hens.

Brussels will investigate the aid from Fagor Brandt and Mory Ducros

Auto Date Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

The European Commission on Tuesday announced the opening of two surveys of state aid received by French companies FagorBrandt1 (appliances) and Mory-Ducros2 (carrier). "The European Commission has opened two separate depth investigations to determine if loans and Other measures granted by France for Fagor Brandt and Mory-Ducros are compatible with EU rules on state aid, "the Commission said in a statement, noting that this does not prejudice After the enquête.Bruxelles recalled that in November 2013, the Minister of Productive Recovery of the time, Arnaud Montebourg, launched a fund to help disadvantaged groups. The first two companies have benefited were Fagor Brandt and Mory-Ducros. Fagor Brandt received an initial loan of EUR 10 million in November 2013, and a second 47.5 million in April-2014.Mory Ducros has received a loan of $ 17.5 million euros in February 2014 This loan would be accompanied by support for State welfare measures for the benefit of salariés.En April 2014, Justice approved the takeover offer FagorBrandt by the Algerian conglomerate Cevital for the maintenance of some 1,400 jobs over 1800. Into receivership in November 2013, the Mory-Ducros group was partly taken over by the Arcola Industries Group, its shareholder. The new company, Global Mory, retained 50 of the 85 agencies and 2,200 employees in more than 5,000 at a cost of about 2,800 layoffs.