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50000000000: Montebourg request counterparties in Brussels and the ECB

Auto Date Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

The EU1 must change monetary policy to support countries which, like France, have undertaken an effort to restore their public accounts, said the Minister of Economy and Recovery Arnaud Montebourg productive. In an interview published Thursday in Les Echos, he calls on the European Central Bank (ECB) to act to bring down the euro and said that France wants a "fast" meeting with its European partners to discuss the issue of "the euro too expensive. " "We take our responsibilities regarding the public deficit. We are launching reforms. But in exchange, we have things to ask in Brussels. We hope in the interest of Europe and France counterparties to lower deficits, "said Arnaud Montebourg il.Pour requires that" Europe is changing course as the monetary policy in terms the stimulus investments. "" We must assist national infantry who make the effort to restore their national public accounts by air support from the European Central Bank, "he said, stressing that the deficit target reduced to 3% of GDP by 2015 public is "a commitment to France fast payday loan no faxing." To accompany, we must "drop the euro, hire a new monetary policy, and not restrictive but on the model of the Fed American ", claiming the minister.Draghi must "take action" While welcoming remarks made last weekend by ECB President Mario Draghi on the risks posed by the appreciation of the European currency, he thought it "must take action "to lower it. "We expect a decision in early May at the next ECB meeting. Unconventional policy is the solution to our problems," continues il.Si the ECB is independent, Arnaud Montebourg believes that exchange rate policy under the European Council . "The euro is too much a political issue. Way, we want a quick meeting of our European partners to discuss the subject."

Amazon will pay its disgruntled employees to resign

Auto Date Saturday, April 12th, 2014

 The Amazon

disgruntled employees will soon resign pocketing a check. In a letter to his shareholders1 detailing the actions of the company in the coming months, Amazon's president announced the implementation of "Pay to leave" ("paid for from") program. "An employee who remains in a business where he does not feel well, it is not good for him, or to society," argues Jeff Bezos.

In practice, Amazon offer once a year to its employees to leave the company against a check. The amount will be $ 2,000 the first time (1450 euros), and will rise by $ 1,000 each year to a maximum of $ 5,000 (3,600 euros). "This offer will be named 'Please refuse. We hope that our employees stay with us. So why they make such a proposal? The idea is to force employees to take time to think about what they really want, "says Jeff Bezos.

The idea of ​​"Pay to leave" from the company Zappos, specializing in online sales of clothing. In the latter, all new recruits through four weeks of intensive training to imbibe the culture of the company. At the end of this month, the new employee is offered to stay or leave immediately Zappos. In the latter case, he receives a bonus of $ 3,000 2 (2,200 euros) in addition to his pay. The company hopes to "get rid" of recruits insufficiently motivated by their new job without going through a redundancy procedure. In the end, only 2-3% of employees accept the offer, according to an article dating from 2008

Bloomberg.3 working conditions

According criticized the American press, "Pay to leave" would go only as Amazon employees in its huge logistics centers, which are packaged and shipped customer orders credit score. These huge warehouses are under fire from critics for several months because of working conditions deemed difficult and pernicious. "Productivity is an obsession, which appears in all conversations. As 'picker', we need to gather more than one hundred articles per hour, pacing rays on a combined 15 to 25 kilometers in our speed and in the dispersion of the articles "distance, showed a temporary old- Amazon platform Montelimar in an article in Libération who caused a stir at the end of dernière4 year. "Going to the toilet which are at the end of the warehouse is your tumble" prod ". Pushing his colleague to enter in the first carriage drove up. Ideally (and this is also the norm) is to arrive early in the morning to prepare and scan carriage and save precious minutes that will possibly be the difference. "……. The logistics centers

. Amazon Germany are also regularly shaken by strikes staff. Local unions are demanding higher wages, so that they are aligned with the salary of the retail sector, not the logistics. The "Pay to leave" operation could be an opportunity for Amazon to go cheap these employees protest. It is not known whether the program will be imported in Europe, and under what conditions. It also does not concern the interim, in which Amazon is heavily used during the rush of the holiday season.

Norway wants to "green" its black gold in the solar and wind

Auto Date Saturday, April 5th, 2014


The last merger in the European concrete leaves no doubt indifferent rich Norway1. The land of fjords decided to "greening" the economy by directing 623.5 billion euros of its sovereign wealth fund to active environmentally conscious.

Managed by the central bank, the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund is the largest in the world. He keeps his wealth of its sub-logged soils gas and oil. For several weeks, the question of the orientation of its investments waving politicians in Oslo. There were many who ogled this important wool socks. NGOs, very powerful in the country, have won the bet.

On the occasion of the publication of the annual White Paper on the future of sovereign wealth fund, the Minister of Finance announced the doubling of investment in assets beneficial to the environment easy to get unsecured personal loans. An idea that he might have blown his sister, Nina Jensen, who is none other than the President of the Norwegian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The gesture is more of a good conscience.

The maximum planned investment is expected to reach 50 billion kroner (€ 6 billion). A paltry sum considered by WWF campaigning for 5% of the fund's value – 31 billion euros – go in renewable energy, including wind and solar. Even though the fund invests heavily in large oil companies as Total2 or Exxon3. An expert committee, formalized Friday must floor on a possible withdrawal of fossil fuels. An early green revolution in the land of black gold


Asphyxiated by toxic loans, hospitals claim financial assistance from the State

Auto Date Monday, March 31st, 2014


1.5 billion euros of toxic loans, or a quarter of their total debt, public1 hospitals today asking the government to reduce their bill. If the situation is left as it is, prevents Hospital Federation of France (FHF), these debts with exorbitant interest rates not stop eating more and more resources to the detriment of patient care. The President of the FHF, Frédéric Valletoux, will meet in the coming days, the budget minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, to discuss the issue. He claims to health facilities access to funds to assist local governments weighed down by toxic loans. This device is echoed to 100 million per year by the State, communities and banks. Problem should double the bet to absorb the needs of hospitals, however, recognize the FHF. However, time is not the reckless spending

. Hospitals are heavily indebted in the 2000s to modernize the institutions needed. To do this, the authorities have an incentive to borrow. Thus, "the hospital 2007 plan encouraged managers to seek the best solutions in terms of immediate returns, with financial institutions that boasted with aplomb the safety of their products," admitted Frederic Boiron, president of the Association of hospital managers at a hearing in the Assembly in 2011. At the time, guardianships hospitals did not raise a finger and let them do. Alas, interest rates soared during the crisis. Result

? "Small schools as specialized hospital Sevrey (Saône-et-Loire), or larger such as Ajaccio hospital are plunged into serious difficulties as a result of the purchase of structured bonds" described in the December 2011 parliamentary report on the issue of MPs Claude Bartolone (PS) and Jean-Pierre Gorges (UMP). Some institutions, such as Le Havre, Roanne, Toulon or Briancon, will afterwards complaint against the banks. Right

exorbitant exit

Some hospitals succeed, in recent years, to get rid of toxic loans as their advise the General Inspectorate of Finance. But they pay a high price for their release by paying a penalty of 85% of the average amount of debt, even though the current period is characterized by very low rates! The bank has proposed structured credit hospitals must itself pay these products initially acquired from international financial institutions including Anglo-Saxon.

Aware of this situation, "hospitals do not ask to erase all loans – that would be too expensive – but to clip the interest rate excessive as has been done for the community, do you plead to the FHF. Some hospitals are in debt up to thirty years, and no one knows how far this term can climb interests "Alas, the first creditor is Dexia2 hospitals – other banks are, in order, BPCE, Credit Agricole and Societe Generale. The Franco-Belgian bank that went bankrupt, it is the state, including managing the assets remaining via a defeasance structure. Concessions allows hospitals to limit the damage in this case. The Department of Budget provides' watch the situation closely "and seeks" adequate and appropriate solutions. "

The hussars Pact responsibility

Auto Date Saturday, March 8th, 2014


what got stung for François Hollande proposes that, on December 31 evening, a "pact of responsibility"? So that it takes a social democratic turn that nobody saw coming, deemed essential to get the economy back on track? In the shade, some influential players have worked hard in his conversion.

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Yahoo! turns its back on Facebook and Google

Auto Date Wednesday, March 5th, 2014


actually a step backwards. While it has become almost mandatory for a site to allow entry via Facebook or Gmail, Yahoo! terminate this practice. Now, all users who have not yet created a Yahoo! ID should do in order to access the different services of the Internet giant.

«Yahoo! continuously working to improve the user experience, "said the company. This new process "will allow us to provide a better personalized experience for all." Customers using Yahoo! will therefore have a unique ID and password for all services affiliated with the group. The first service affected by this change, others are still available with Facebook and Google, is Yahoo! Sports Tournament Pick'em. The photo service, Flickr sharing, and interface to manage a sports team fictitious, Fantasy Sports, adopt the novelty soon but the change will be gradual, said a spokesman interviewed by Yahoo! Reuters1. Breathe new dynamic


Former Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz of Yahoo! was established early identification 20112 with Facebook and Google accounts. The strategy then was to attract users of popular social networks. Marissa Mayer succeeded Carol Bartz in 2012 and began by deploying new versions of flagship products like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Finance. Yahoo! also announced last year a program recyclage3 identifiers inactive users on Yahoo! to allow new users to appropriate e-mail addresses are not used for a year. Turning his back on Facebook and Google, Marissa Mayer confirms a desire to better retain the Yahoo! user through a personal account. CEO of Yahoo! aims to revitalize its business, which experienced a stagnation4 of its turnover in 2013. The new strategy required a Yahoo account should allow users more involved in their use of the portal, and thus encourage them to explore all services. A way to provide more impact on advertising, thus advertising revenues boost.

Darty Thursday inaugurated its first franchise stores in the Vendée

Auto Date Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

 After a month

closing and 200,000 euros of work, the store connection Challans (Vendée) will reopen Thursday, March 6 … under the brand Darty1. "I was attracted by the striking force of Darty in terms of communication and e-commerce, explains Henri Grippay owner of this store of 700 square meters located in a commercial area on the outskirts of the city of 20,000 inhabitants. In addition to our 1,800 references, we propose the 18,500 products "target stores


For Darty, which already has stores in La Roche-sur- Yon, Les Sables d'Olonne, Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, the first point of sale free answers strategy Regis Schultz, CEO of the group, to better serve the cities of less than 100,000 inhabitants. It plans to open 100 to 150 by 2018 and identified 437 targets stores in 170 cities where it believes have no problem cannibalization.  Three

Darty free open by early April in Lannion (Côtes-d'Armor) Montceau-les-Mines (Saône-et-Loire) and Bergerac (Dordogne). Connecting chipes stores, Expert and Gitem, networks of independent shops are struggling to resist the decline in home appliance market. "We have signed 11 stores," says Régis Schultz, which states that the effect on the turnover of the group will be felt within two years.

"The use of bank data will consumers"

Auto Date Saturday, February 15th, 2014


Le Figaro – Banks planning to operate, for marketing purposes, in partnership with retailers, the information they have about their customers thanks to purchases paid by credit card. Should we be worried?

Nicolas Huss – Bank data will not be used in the service of an intrusive mass marketing. The goal is to bring more value to consumers by offering promotions, benefits targeted only areas of interest. Customers can always choose not to be bothered or ask not to receive offers in some areas, travel, cars, for example. This also addresses a huge need traders, consumers who know that their behavior in their teaching, and require more information about what they do outside, in order to also target their offers.

What is the role Visa in this new landscape?

Visa1 holds no personally identifiable information about transactions by cardholders. The data that we record are depersonalized. But by joining our benefits program, each client may for example indicate the areas in which he would receive offers for us to allow it to take advantage of certain promotions. This is what we already do in some way with the holders of our upscale Infinite cards to tailor our services to their needs.  

W hy will now use banking data, so it was no question so far?

Because the actors in the world of payments must finance their costs and heavy investment. But at the same time that significant efforts must be made to adapt to new technologies, the European Union intends to lower interchange fees that funded so far the system. Everyone is normal that there are payment terminals worldwide, and that sliding the card in, you can pay easily, but nobody intends to pay for this service. We need to find sources of income.

Your digital portfolio, V. I soon launched by BPCE in France, began in Britain. How consumers react?

In Britain, one bank distributes V. me yet. We are building the network of e traders in which it will be accepted. Already some 4,000 websites have integrated their bar payment. This figure will grow rapidly in the coming weeks. Studies we conducted show that customers are enthusiastic. They are simple, easy solution and the habit of using it. The digital wallet and smartphones2 will revolutionize the way we pay, but what will change more in the future for the cardholder is the immediate access to its payment data. At any time, on the bus, on his smartphone, he may know where he is spending by card, follow the budget ….

Why growth back in America and Britain but not in France

Auto Date Friday, February 7th, 2014


Charles Wyplosz is Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Graduate Institute) in Geneva, and Director of the International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies.

His main research areas are financial crises, European monetary integration, monetary and fiscal policies as well as regional monetary integration. He frequently acts as an expert in international organizations.

Contrast is something humiliating. The recovery is here in the United States and Great Britain, where unemployment has begun its downward trend, although it still has its ups and downs. In France, we know what happened to the famous curve unemployment1. If she comes back, growth is likely to be too sluggish to improve the situation, including employment.

Three countries, three different cases, but some conclusions emerge. First, the United States and Great Britain, the recovery is fueled by the development of credit, which stagnated in France. French banks will tell you that their customers are not seeking credit. But it happened some interesting things in the United States and Great Britain. First, banks have been seriously cleaned after the financial crisis. In the United States, they were forced to recapitalize and liquidating the toxic products they held, which hurts shareholders. Same thing in Britain where banks too ill to attract investors were partially nationalized. In the euro area, five years after the financial crisis, discussions continue on how to clean up the banks. Meanwhile, banks have chosen to reduce their loans rather than to increase their capital, not angry shareholders. Thus, the Anglo-Saxon capitalist paradise, shareholders pay the piper, while in France, it protects them.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has also created considerable amounts of money, but in a strictly defensive aims to alleviate panic towards public debt.

Second, the United States and Great Britain, central banks have pursued a policy of quantitative easing. This is to drink the financial markets with liquidity in unprecedented proportions. The European Central Bank (ECB) has also created considerable amounts of money, but in a strictly defensive aims to alleviate panic towards public debt. In other words, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England have activated every conceivable knobs – and they have not lacked imagination – monetary policy to restart the credit. The ECB, she was confined to limit the damage.

In addition, central banks have taken steps to encourage bank lending. The Bank of England, for example, has offered loans to banks at low rates and long-term function of the increase in lending. In the euro area, the ECB has provided long-term loans but without linking their allocation to loans.

Finally, there was no sovereign debt crisis in the United States and Britain, even if the debts are increased at least as fast as in most countries of the Euro zone. In some cases, Greece and Portugal, the starting point before the crisis was very high, but not in Ireland and Spain. The explanation is simple. Nobody doubts that neither the Federal Reserve nor the Bank of England will leave their respective governments face a risk of default. The ECB, it has left doubt soar. Although she finally announced that she would do whatever it takes to reduce the rates at which governments borrow crisis countries, it has never undertaken to ensure, even implicitly, all public debt.

In Britain, since coming to power in 2010, the Cameron government has imposed especially harsh austerity, which is still ongoing.

The family portrait would be incomplete if we do not address the sore subject, austerity policies. In the United States, fiscal policy was initially very expansionary, which almost explosion of the federal debt. Then the Tea Party has taken fiscal policy hostage and blocked any increase in spending, demanding tax cuts. The result was a deadlock institutions and moderately restrictive fiscal policy. In Britain, since coming to power in 2010, the Cameron government has imposed especially sévère2 austerity, which still continues. But he chose to reduce spending without increasing the tax burden, while in France it does the opposite, it was heavily increased taxes and spending continued to increase. Austerity the French had effects that could include: anxiety taxpayers, both businesses and individuals, and limited progress in deficit (2.5% of GDP against 5% of GDP in Great Britain).

The sad state, past, present and future of the French economy owes nothing to bad luck. Heavy mistakes were made. By the ECB, first. Despite some recent progress, it remains below its means of action because it believes that it should respect the differing views of its members. As for the policy of austerity, it is not imposed by Brussels, it is freely accepted, sovereignty requires. It is the same choice of tax increases. Certainly, France can not and must not be isolated from its European partners. What it lacks, since the beginning of the crisis, this is a solid alternative strategy. She would do well to emulate what is done in the United States and Great Britain. It works.

A new app to play Uber taxi

Auto Date Thursday, February 6th, 2014


Taxis are threatened in their new powers under the blows of Uber1 which continues to diversify its range of urban transport. After launching a low cost start-up version UberX, California today launched a new service urban commuters, called UberPOP.

This feature integrated into the Uber mobile application, allow any driver to improvise "taxi" driving his personal vehicle. Located in real time, they can be contacted by users for urban journeys in Paris and its suburbs. "The offer UberPOP wants an economical and user-friendly option available to the greatest number, and is part of a collaborative logic booming," says Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, director of Uber in France. The slot is already occupied by several start-ups such as Djump2 or Heetch. But Uber comes with a decisive advantage: customer base already substantial, which should ensure the application. It remains to find lovers drivers who are willing to engage. Selection by Uber, they must meet several criteria: at least 21 years, a B license for at least 3 years, and an extract of criminal record.

"It's sad: Uber will exploit the special! It makes us laugh a little … "

Christian Delomel, president of the trade association of taxi drivers

Unlike other applications of urban commuters, there will be a minimum price for the race, set at four euros cash advance. Then the pricing will be, as a taxi, a function of time (35 cents per minute) and distance (80 cents per kilometer). The average fare is expected around 12 euros. Djump the contrary, does not set minimum prices and prefers to speak of "suggested donation" rather than billing. Semantic precaution is to afford taxis, already stung by competition Touring Car with Driver (VTC) 3 they deem unfair. Asked on Europe 1, the President of the Chambre Syndicale artisans taxis, Christian Delomel, set the tone about UberPOP: "It's sad we will exploit the special! It makes us laugh a little … Individuals will receive some money, but Uber drivers will find themselves unemployed! "

To appease the discontent of taxis against the VTC, the government issued a decree imposing a period of 15 minutes4 between the control and management of the client by a private chauffeur. But this text may cancel before the Council for State5 distortion of competition. Taxis have well maintain the pressure, a new event on February 10 prochain6. And this new carpooling service launched by Uber should be on everyone's lips.